Three tips for getting that all important Supported Independent Living quote perfect.



Three tips for getting that all important Supported Independent Living quote perfect. I’m Richard Brown, welcome to the Prospect Farm Accommodation podcast.

Well, you’ve found the absolute spot on house you want to live in. Great support, great friends in the house. Now you have to tell the NDIS all about it. Moving into Supported Independent Living under the NDIS funding system is a great opportunity for a lot of people. What you need to do is get the information into your Supported Independent Living quote. That gives the NDIS the best possible idea and information they can look at to make sure you get the funding to move into the house you want.

So here’s three tips that we have picked up over the years when we write Supported Independent Living quotes for Participants and these three tips we find help things dramatically in the quoting process to help you get into a new home.

Tip 1

Be absolutely certain that the home that you’re looking and want to move into is right for you. Now this seems a common sense thing. Of course it’s right for me! In the excitement of seeing a new home, and new possibilities, sometimes the facts behind moving in and the logistics of moving in and the logistics of living there are a bit clouded. So you need to make sure that the house meets your needs. That it’s physically suited for you. That the people that you’re moving in with are in fact compatible with you because they’re going to be your house mates and a lot of times we don’t see house mates in their true light until you’ve moved in and living with them. So be prepared for that.

Make sure that the house where you’ve chosen to live in is close to the things you want access to. Say you’re job, or you’re regular community access programs, or you’re friends, or you’re family. All these things need to be considered. So make sure that you’ve got all those things right and make sure that it’s absolutely the house for you. Because moving away or out of Supported Independent Living is a very, very time consuming task and takes a lot of effort and a lot of stress for almost everybody involved.

So make sure that it’s right for you.

Tip 2

Make sure that you and you’re supporters provide the organisation that’s writing the Supported Independent Living quote with enough and appropriate information that they can do a great job of arguing you’re case to the NDIS. Now Supported Independent Living quote, a SIL quote is the argument that you put forward, or that you’re supporters put forward on you’re behalf to say why you need to live in this house. It needs to have in it information about you, the nature of your disability, the supports that you need. The supports that you’ll need in the future even. So there needs to be a comprehensive set of documents going a long with this quote that show the level of support you require and therefore why you are suited to live in this particular house. The NDIS makes it’s decision on that information and they use the term ‘reasonable and necessary supports’ when they say yes or no or need more information on a Supported Independent Living quote application. So make sure that all that documentation is there.

A diagnosis from 5, 6, 7 years ago probably won’t be good enough. Those things need to be updated to show the people within the NDIS that are examining the SIL quote and looking at the application to show them what’s going on with you right now. The supports that you need right now. So the more recent the supported documents are the better for the chances of you getting your quote approved and moving the house you have chosen.

Tip 3

Be responsive to requests for more information from the NDIS. Now as I’ve mentioned in tip 2, sometimes the NDIS will require more information or clarification on you’re application. It may be that somethings not present, you haven’t put in particular documentation that will support you’re application. So you need to be ready to find that information or even go out and get an assessment that’s needed. The quicker you do this and the more timely the response is, the more chance you have of getting that SIL quote approved very quickly. This is a really critical thing, so you’re not over the line yet. You’ve got to make sure that any requests are met promptly and speedily and accurately. If you do that you’ll be fine.

So. Three straight forward tips that will help you improve your chance of getting a great SIL quote approved by the NDIS.

Thanks for listening.

I’m Richard Brown from Prospect Farm Accommodation, and we’ll talk again soon. Bye for now.